Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Miss My Wallet

My wallet is gone. Not gone as in "lost" or "misplaced", gone as in "stolen."

I hope that whoever took it did not just abandon it in a trash can somewhere near the metro station. No, I sincerely hope that they are enjoying running their fingers over the well-worn leather, smooth and supple after years of use.

I hope they recognize that this wallet is not only a designer wallet, but it is "vintage", as it is over 15 years old and no longer available for purchase.

I hope that they are going through all the plastic cards, wondering what in the hell is a "pets perk" card.

I hope that they are looking at the pictures of my nephews and are commenting on how adorable they are.

I hope that they take the measly 80 some-odd euros that I had in it and buy themselves something special. Or, ever better, treat someone they love to lunch or a cocktail.

I hope that they go to Paris and get some use out of the Paris metro tickets stored behind my organ donor card.

I hope that no one ever takes this wallet away from them!


Anonymous V-Grrrl said...

Oh, that's the worst losing something so personal and all the hassles of replacing IDs and cancelling credit cards.

Today I was in Brussels near the Grand Place and an older man and young woman were in a heated argument. Maybe she was his daughter? A shopkeeper and a shoplifter? I don't know. They didn't look like "rough" types.

In the middle of the argument, he grabbed her arm and she pulled a KNIFE out that had about a six inch blade and lunged at him. I thought she'd wounded him in the stomach but I didn't see blood. She started to run and he ran after her. CRAZY.

8:21 PM  

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