Thursday, January 31, 2008

Por Vous, Monsieur

Given that Dan and I returned with a little over 100 pounds of luggage EACH, we arranged, through the car service Dan uses for work, for a van to pick us up at the airport. We found the driver under the "Relay" sign at the arrival hall with no problem. Having been in the States for so long, I automatically started chatting the driver up in English, totally forgetting that I was back in a country where the native tongue is French or Flemish. Our driver spoke French, so the conversation pretty much ended there.

As we were sitting in traffic (bienevue a Bruxelles), the driver's cell phone rang. The driver answered the phone and then he got a really, really funny look on his face. He turned around and looked at Dan and said, "Por vous, monsieur." Dan looked at me and said, "What?", as if I had some sort of divine understanding why someone would call a complete stranger on their cellphone in a foreign country and ask to speak to Dan. Given that no such insight was readily forthcoming, I simply said, "it's for you."

Dan takes the guy's bluetooth headphone set and answers the line. Turns out that the call really was for Dan. It seems that the car service was expecting someone else from Dan's office to arrive on the same flight as us and this guy never made it. The car service was just checking to see if Dan saw the guy on the flight.

Still, it is pretty surreal to be in the country for only 30 minutes and someone is tracking you down on a stranger's cell phone!


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