Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sighisoara Bathroom Attendant

Dan and I sat down at this cafe on the square in Sighisoara to watch the ProEtnica Festival. For whatever reason, this bathroom attendant took an instant dislike to me - and this is before I started watching her every move and taking photographs of her!

When I went to the bathroom, I looked for the customary table and small bowl of change, but did not see one. When I got ready to leave the bathroom, this lady was standing at the stall door, with her hand out. Not having any change, I gave her the smallest bill in my pocket, which was probably five times more than she was charging, but I was ok with it. Hopefully, she would remember me and give me one on credit if I needed to use the bathroom again before we left the cafe. That was my thinking, anyway.

During the 3 plus hours we spent at the cafe, there were many, many, many more people that used the facilities, but this lady charged exactly THREE people - me, and 2 little girls, ages about 8 and 10 (and they gave her change). I couldn't believe it. I could see why she might charge the kids -- young, naive, gullible, not to mention likely to play in the water, but why charge me and no other adult?

I begged Dan to go to the bathroom so that I could test my theory that she was singling me out. Dan, who didn't need to go to the bathroom, thought I was spending way too much time obsessing over what amounted to about 30 cents. I explained to him that it was the principle, not the money. Dan finally relented and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, he got to go for free.

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