Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey CNN - I'm Not a Freak!

I interrupt my one-woman crusade to boost Romania’s tourist industry to clarify some misperceptions that some of you may now have of me following a recent CNN broadcast. (If you haven’t read my post, “Don’t Horse Around With Airport Security”, then none of this will make any sense.)

1) The Kama Sutra body lotion was purchased as part of a bachelorette gift and was not intended for personal consumption. (That’s my story and I’m slipping – I mean, sticking – to it.); and,

2) Liquid Smoke is used for marinades. To my knowledge, it has never been marketed as a sensual body lotion, but, I think CNN anchors Betty Nguyen and Tony Harris make a good point. Perhaps someone from Wright’s Hickory Seasoning should be exploring whether to expand its uses into this particular market. I can just imagine the marketing campaign: Slap some smoke on rumps or rump roasts -- We flavor it all!

Link to CNN transcript of August 12th broadcast:

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