Sunday, August 13, 2006

Silly Cindy

Usually, if Dan and I want Italian food in Brussels, we hit Scampis, this great little family-run restaurant near St. Catherine's. But, last night, we decided to try something new, so we went to Rugantino's (184 Anspach). The food was incredible, the wine list fairly extensive AND we were seated in a non-smoking section. How unbelievable is that in Brussels?

After dinner, we stopped by the Celtica for a quick drink. It was packed, which is pretty typical for the Celtica. We nudged our way into a table where two other guys were sitting. Exit one guy pretty quickly. The other guy we ended up striking up a conversation with. He too is living in two countries, splitting his time between Belgium and Tunisia, where his wife teaches at the university. Ben's English was amazing, but I noticed that his accent was really pronounced when he said my name.

After talking to Ben for the better part of the night, he asked for our email addresses so we could keep in touch. I handed him my address and he started to laugh. I found that quite odd, especially since my email address is anything but humorous. Ben leaned in and said something to Dan. Dan started laughing. I found that quite irritating, especially since it meant that they must be laughing at my expense. I leaned over and asked, "what's so funny?" Turns out, Ben had been calling me the wrong name all night long. He thought my name was silly, as in with a capital "S"!


Blogger awomynda said...

Hi Silly Cindy :)
I must try this Scampis restaurant. Could you please tell me where it's located (from a St Catherine resident who has never seen or heard of it!).

12:13 PM  

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