Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Campaign Trail

I spent Saturday walking through my neighborhood putting campaign flyers into people's mailboxes in support of my neighbor, Phillip Close, who is running for a position in the City government. Phillip is candidate number 5 on the Socialist Party list. and

According to Wikipedia, "at the start of 2006, 14 of the 26 representatives of the Parti Socialiste, the largest party in the Brussels regional parliament, are Muslim immigrants (ten of Moroccan origin, two Turkish, one Tunisian and one from the West-African state of Guinea)." I'm betting that they are also the only party in Brussels with a blonde-haired, green-eyed, non-French speaking American campaigning for them in a hugely immigrant neighborhood. Not sure if that hurt or helps Phillip. I know that it definitely confuses the neighbors!

If you are eligible to vote, be sure to vote on October 8th!


Anonymous JavaCurls said...

Are you no longer a shade of beige?

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Manic said...

Hmm, Cindy, if you're a Belgian and your eligible to go vote, this means if you don't get your butt in that voting boot, you'll be seeing a judge soon. Well it's acually theory, but sometimes if the justice department isn't too busy, they'll sue your ass.
But you can always go off to the Netherlands, just for that weekend :).

8:20 PM  

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