Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Amsterdam -- It Really Is Disneyland for Adults

I remember a line from a movie where it said that Amsterdam is Disneyland for adults. Having been there numerous times, I have to say that there is some truth to this. But, the absolute best thing I have found to date in Amsterdam is La Margarita Restaurant. Finally, a restaurant on this side of the Atlantic that got Mexican food right!

I had the chilaquiles and they were awesome (not as good as Lucy's but, then again, whose are?). Dan had fajitas and Maureen had a chimichanga. We all loved our meals!

From the Dam, head south (away from the Central Train Station) on Rokin. Follow the street for a couple of blocks until you see the first street that runs in front of the canal. Take a left on this street (Langebrugsteeg). The restaurant is on your right, at #6.

Muy rico!


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