Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts About Random Things

Just some random thoughts about some pretty insignificant things:

  • How come the hot vegetables at the Lunch Garden Restaurant are free, but you have to pay for ketchup and butter?
  • Remember the old-school snack pack pudding cans? Well, all the canned goods over here have those pop lids. You never have to use a can opener! Why hasn't the US picked up on this?
  • Why does the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) have subtitles in English?
  • Why do the ATM machines at the ING Bank dispense 5 euro notes only to ING customers?
  • Why is road construction done at rush hour?
  • Doesn't anyone else think it is cruel to display the bathing suits right next to the gloves and scarves at Galleria Inno?
  • With bars that stay open until 6 and 7:00 am, why aren't there any breakfast places like Denny's or IHOP?
  • How come you can't buy jalepeno peppers at either of the Spanish grocery stores in the city center?

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