Friday, January 13, 2006

Two Months Down - 34 to Go!

After two months in Brussels, we are slowly assimilating into the European culture, but we know, from the following, that we have a long way to go:

  1. We are dreaming of Mexican food! Even Taco Bell (where Dan got his start) would be a culinary delight at this point.
  2. Dan's car was vandalized and he was pick-pocketed (although with a happy ending) on the same day -- in the very neighborhood we now call home!
  3. To launder a men's dress shirt, they charge $5.00 and it takes them one week to do it!
  4. To watch the college football bowl games, we had to go to a sports bar across town, which isn't that big of a deal, unless of course, you consider the start times of the games -- the Fiesta Bowl started at 10:30 pm and the Rose Bowl at 2:00 am. (Hook'm horns!)
  5. I still can't figure out how to open the front door to the apartment complex using the video-entry device.
  6. When Dan went to change the pin number on our new European credit card (the one that took over 2 months to get), the ATM machine ate it. Little did we know, the pin number can only be changed using the ATM machines outside of the branch. If you use the ATM machines inside the branch, it will confiscate your card.
  7. Still don't have curtains!

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