Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our First Visitor!

Tuesday night will always hold a special place in "The Belgian Years" journal -- it marked the momentous occasion of our first visitor to the Brussels apartment!

Our friend, Mike Vest, from San Diego, was the first to see our apartment, complete with little or no curtains, no light fixtures (just bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling), pictures sitting on the floor waiting to be hung, an office in shambles, and a couch that doubles as a coat rack! (How ironic is it that our first visitor would have a daughter that is an interior designer in Manhattan?)

For the record, it was so nice to have someone say, "Hey, Cindy, how's it going?" Other than Dan, he is the only person to have called me by name since I arrived in Brussels over 3 weeks ago. I felt like Norm at Cheers!

We had a great evening - thanks Mike.


Blogger Mike Vest said...

My pleasure, Cindy. You guys have a real nice place and more living space than I could imagine. I think of European kitchens that you have to walk through sideways.....

BR, Mike

PS: Lora's email is

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