Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Month Down -- 35 to go!

Today is my official "one month" anniversary in Brussels. Here's how I mark my progress of "adjusting" to the new lifestyle:

  1. I no longer miss ice in my diet coke. (I'm also over the fact that I pay $6.48 a six-pack for them. As I told Dan, some addictions are just worth the expense!)
  2. The dog poop on the sidewalk no longer phases me. I am able to walk, watch my step, and hold an umbrella all the same time.
  3. I've totally disregarded the walk/don't walk sign. For that matter, while driving, I consider the traffic lights to be merely a "suggestion", and I stop and go as I please, or as motivated by the horn behind me.
  4. I'm excited when the wait at the grocery store check-out line is less than 30 minutes.
  5. I can pay my bills from the computer at the local bank.
  6. I consider an umbrella an accessory and I don't leave home without it.
  7. I no longer walk around with a city map. I have even given directions to "tourists".
  8. I can use the subway and tram systems. (Still haven't figured out those busses!)
  9. My vocabulary is expanding beyond the "universal" language of hand signals and animal sounds.
  10. My "friend count" now takes two hands: the baker, the butcher, the cheese shop guy, the trainer at the gym, the bar owner around the corner and my neighbor downstairs!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you need is a candlestick maker and you're good. Thanks for keeping the blog entries coming. From other bloggers, i.e. Sean, some of his friends, the over/under on a blog site is six months. I'm betting on you for the over.


7:30 PM  
Anonymous Rod Thome said...


Tanya and I talking about a trip to see you sometime around month 24

3:09 PM  

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