Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Support Comes Rolling In -

Call to Dan, who is in the States, to tell him about the Deportation Notice:
Dan: (Sleepily) Hey, is anything wrong? I got your message.
Cindy: No, I'm ok, but I'm beng deported.
Dan: (Pause) (Sigh) What did you do this time?
I should point out that Dan is now calling me "EuroLucy", because of the "I Love Lucy" turn that my life has taken!

Call to my parents:
Cindy: Daddy, I'm being deported.
Daddy: Deported! What do you mean deported?
Cindy: I mean "kicked out" of Belgium.
Daddy: Good. Have them kick you all the way back to Texas!

Comment from friend Rod:
"maybe your blog offended them."
I don't know, but that sounds a whole lot like "blaming the victim" to me!

Conversation with neighbor, who interpreted "Ordre de Quitter" for me:
Neighbor: This is not good. This is not good. But, don't worry too much.
Cindy: Am I going to jail?
Neighbor: Possibly, but this is only the first decision. You have to wait to see.
Cindy: That does not sound too comforting.
Neighbor: I thought you were an American.
Cindy: I am.
Neighbor: Usually, Americans don't get these. This is not good.

Email from friend Carson in response to my email that I may have to cancel upcoming trip to Rome where I was going to have dinner with him and his wife for their birthdays:
"only you ... what more can I possibly say?"
Oh, I don't know, how about "that's terrible", "Good luck with it," "Let us know if there is anything we can do," "keep us posted"?

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Anonymous Tylene said...

Good luck Girl!! Love your Daddy's comment! Sounds like he misses you!!

3:44 PM  
Anonymous V-Grrrl said...

Oh sure, no sooner do you get the curtains hung, and they try to kick you out.

Maybe they think you're really a Mexican who slipped into Texas and settled in San Diego and then tried to get into Belgium pretending to be an American.

Geez. If only I knew a good lawyer--you know, a good IMMIGRATION lawyer.

5:08 PM  

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